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Fox & Fellow have carefully selected the creme de la creme of natural oils like Jojoba and Almond to name a few and then united them, thus creating an oil base packed full goodness. This concoction assists in beard nourishment and protection. Then they add their signature fragrances and produce batches in Sydney. Each signature fragrance is labelled 1 through 7 and range from masculine, zesty to sweet. Check out our descriptions to see what scent ultimately reflects who you are are.

Masculine. Sensual. Sharp.

No. 1 evokes sophistication and charm. Its rich and potent scent wonderfully binds notes of Oud and Vanilla with a zest of Citrus and Bergamot.


Warm. Delicate. Calm.

No. 2 evokes a fun and free spirited aroma. Its soft & subtle notes playfully combine Tangelo and Patchouli with hints of Jasmine.


Polished. Fresh. Intense.

No. 3 evokes a clean and masculine aroma. Its sharp and vivid notes of Cedarwood and Fir Needle sit confidently between Citrus and Musk.


Mild. Woody. Gentle.

No. 4 evokes an earthy and manly aroma. Its gentle yet distinguished notes of Tobacco Leaf and Vanilla dance marvellously between Tonka Bean and Leather.


Rich. Dewy. Spicy.

No. 5 evokes a tropical and carefree aroma. Its playful yet relaxed notes include Coconut and Jasmine with hints of Cinnamon and Vetiver.


Distinct. Balmy. Sweet.

No. 6 evokes a vibrant yet poised aroma. The combination of Vanilla and White Musk give off sweet floral notes that are wrapped in crisp notes of Grapefruit and Vetiver.


Uplifting. Crisp. Zesty.

No. 7 evokes an airy and sweet aroma. Its sweet, fruity blend of Lychee & Peach is perfectly finished with notes of zesty Lime.


Place 4 - 6 drops in palms, rub together & vigorously apply to damp beard. Comb and style as usual.
Note: may contain allergens. Test in a small area before use.

  • Nourishes - moisturises skin and adds lustre to beard
  • Strengthens - hair grows stronger, softening unruly frizz
  • Alcohol Free - minimises beard itch
  • 30ml Beard 
  • Dropper included - no mess or wastage 

Apricot Oil, Sweet Almond Oil. Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Shea Oil, Moringa Oil, Olive Oil, Essential Oil Fragrance.

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Pirata Mason
Promising scent for No.2, lets see the rest of the set

Was very excited to get this one in the mail. I purchased No.2 I loved the smell immediately, but have since been told its a little feminine by admirers compared to the usual oils i wear, just as a heads up to for others keen to try it. Super keen to try the others in the series. I will be watching this brand with great interest.