GLASS HANDS HAIR CO. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Oil Based Pomade

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy is a medium hold, medium shine oil based pomade. The scent is a nod to Orange County, with a scent of orange, lemon, and sandalwood.

It is a classic pomade, meaning it is compromised of petrolatum, oils, and waxes to provide that classic, slick, old school pomade look and feel.

While most oil based pomades can be hard to scoop and apply, Easy Peasy is just that, easy to scoop and apply. Keep it old school and keep a comb on you, you can restyle all day!

Directions: Use a small finger scoop of pomade and break down between palms. Spread evenly through hair and add more if preferred. Apply to blow dried hair for a stronger, more structured hold. Apply to towel dried hair for a looser, more natural hold. Style as desired.

New to pomade? While oil based pomades are the original pomade, they may not be for everyone. An acquired taste, oil based pomades require either buildup in the hair or need a few washes with shampoo in the shower to completely rinse from your hair. The reason being is that it is made from all water resistant ingredients. They also usually require restyling through the day, which is why in the old school movies the greasers carry combs on them. While it may take some getting used to, the styling can be very clean, slick, and classic and worth the practice.

Customer Reviews

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Once you crack this open you're hit with that zesty lemon smell and geeze it's good!
It's easy to slide your fingers over the top and grab the right amount but it is very sticky and tough to rub between your hands.
Goes easy into the hair however and is on the "slicker" and "shinier" side of pomades I have used previously.
Much tougher to wash out with shampoo as others but regardless it keeps the hold and body of your hair all day - which is more important!