Great Lakes Grooming - Noble Selves - STYLING CREAM - Medium Water Based

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HOLD: Medium
SHINE: Natural
CONSISTENCY: Easy Application
SCENT: spicy floral citrus

GREAT LAKES GROOMING Co. - Noble Selves (Water Based Styling Cream)
100g Medium hold with a Natural, almost matte finish for casual voluminous styles, and healthy hair!

"To our noble selves, there are damned few of us left!" - Jubal Harshaw, Stranger in a Strange Land, (Robert A. Heinlein, 1961)

For those unfamiliar with the iconic line - a toast among those about to be thrust into challenge and adventure, not by choice but by knowing it has to be done - A tribute to those who do what is right and just when the universe calls upon them. To our nobles selves, there are damned few of us left!

Noble Selves is a water based styling cream that provides an everyday casual look. It helps to adds volume, a bit of texture and a medium hold (give or take depending on amount used). Made in the spirit of the iconic line from which its' name is derived - with only the highest quality ingredients and aspirations. Never tested on animals. As natural and healthy for your hair as any water based hair product can be!

We recommend starting off with dry hands and a dime sized scoop, break down completely between palms until product becomes clear and tacky - this helps remove water and allows for a drier look straight away. Repeat this using as many small scoops as you'd like.

Please keep in mind that this is not a slick or heavy product. This won't help very much with slick backs, straightening curly hair or shiny looks -

SCENT - YOUR LOVE (w/ a twist!)
Our signature blend featuring light and spicy floral citrus with mysteriously rich undertones. It's perfect for all occasions. This scent has sweet citrus top notes that give way to the spicy floral aroma of bergamot, followed by the mysteriously rich undertones of frankincense.

They have designed Noble Selves to work wonderfully in your hair and not overpower your day. This scent presents itself just strong enough to be enjoyed during your styling routine, once its applied though you're pretty much on your own - we leave the rest of your day up to you.

We try to make each and every one of our products Adventure Ready - which loosely translates to - working consistently and easily in all environments. Noble Selves is no exception and with little practice you'll look fantastic every day of your journey.

Begin with clean dry hands. After scooping out a small dime sized amount with your index finger and spreading the product onto the palm of your other hand, work the product between your hands until broken down into a clear and tacky layer. Apply to hair! The more you work through your hands the more water you are removing and the drier/more matte the application will be.

Repeat this process as desired. If product remains white after working through hands it just means that you have taken a larger scoop (or have wet hands) and you still have water to work out. Don't worry, you can apply the product like this if you wish. The result will be a 'wetter' initial look that will dry down over time - This is cool too - We just prefer to work the water out before applying the product to avoid this change in style over time. The same can be said if you apply to damp hair.

Once applied you may notice a slight shine similar to barely damp hair. You will be easily able to comb and style your hair as you wish. Best applied to dry hair, damp is fine but may yield less hold. For extra volume, blow dry on cool while styling into place, you'll get the hang of it.
Once applied you should see a natural, easily finger combed look that is perfect for everyday wear!

Noble Selves is a water based product that is very water soluble. This means that you will be able to rinse off much of it with just warm water (depending on how much is applied, obviously). To remove it entirely we suggest using some kind of soap or shampoo. We should mention that if you are using shampoo or conditioner that contains any type of silicone you may notice a reduction of hold. This is because those silicones are now coating your hair so Noble Selves cannot be applied to your hair directly but rather its applied to the silicone residue that is left behind. We suggest using products that are free of silicones for this reason - honestly, if you are using a styling product after you shower there is no need for silicones anyway.

All hair styles require some degree of training the hair. The best way to do this is to shower, wash, rinse and towel dry your hair until damp - then comb and blow dry your hair into your desired style. It will only be a rough style, but blow drying this way teaches the hair where it should go and allows your hair products to work better by reducing the demand. Your hair should tell the product where to go, not the other way around. Noble Selves is no exception. Wash, rinse, towel dry, comb and blow dry for best results before applying. Once you get this down your hair troubles will be over!