L3VEL3 Forming Cream 150ml

    L3VEL3 Forming Cream- hair forming cream offers medium hold, beautiful shine, and a great scent.

    Sometimes, middle-of-the-road is exactly what you need. Maybe you want just enough volume and texture with just a hint of shine. Maybe your signature style is more classic than cutting-edge, more natural than notice-me-now. If so, there’s a product for that. Our forming cream delivers medium, workable hold and mid-line shine to make hair look dope but not dramatic. It adds volume and texture to countless styles, from slick side parts to scruffy quiffs, without making hair stiff or sticky. Great for all hair types, our forming cream is the MVP of both laid-back and polished styles.

    Key Features

    • Boosts volume, creates texture, and adds a natural, medium shine
    • Soft, medium-hold formula lets you restyle throughout the day
    • Non-sticky, no hard-hair feel, washes out easily leaving no residue
    • Light, creamy consistency won’t weigh down fine or thin hair types
    • Leaves hair looking impeccably groomed and smelling great too

    Why It’s a Game-Changer

    Trends come and go, but your individual style is forever. Our hair styling cream lets you express yourself in a more low-key way, delivering just enough volume, texture, and shine to make a statement. Medium hold and a natural finish are what this cream does best, making it a versatile product for all hair types and simple, short styles. The formula is light and luscious, defining your cut without making hair hard or sticky.

    Use this shaping cream for both smooth and mussed-up hairstyles. It defines the strands, creating touchable texture that gives your style character. Hair feels soft, not stiff, and can be reshaped as often as you like because hey, diversity is trending. Enriched with glycerin, the formula makes the most of even thin and fine hair, adding definition without revealing too much scalp or weighing the hair down.

    In fact, this is an ideal styling cream for fine hair as it generates natural-looking volume. Short, slicked-back pompadours and conservative side parts will be perfectly groomed with a little lift. Modern fades with longer tops and sophisticated Ivy League cuts will be bumped up but not too voluminous. This cream also offers medium hold that keeps your style secure until you decide to switch things up.

    With its water-based formula, our hair holding cream washes out easily to prevent product build-up. It leaves behind no residue that can make hair look dull and unclean. We say, there’s nothing average about medium volume, texture, shine, and hold. Our forming cream is ideal when you want a hairstyle that doesn’t shout from the rooftops.

    Size: 150ml.

    How to Use

    • Place a small amount of forming cream in your palm
    • Rub your hands together to warm the cream and make it workable
    • Apply evenly throughout the hair to create your desired style

    Styling Tips
    Both modern and vintage-inspired cuts will benefit from our forming cream. It’s great for shorter, simpler styles and brings out the best in fine and thin hair. Slick some cream through a side part or a swept-back top section. Ruffle up a quiff, define a curly fringe, or give an Edgar a little lift.


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