Murrays X-Tra Heavy Pomade

X-Tra Heavy: They start with Murray's Original Pomade and add about 25% more wax.

This stuff is thick and made for the most demanding styles.

Beware it is hard to get in and even harder to get out.

Xtra features an amped up version of Murray's famous fragrance.

3 oz can. 85g

Customer Reviews

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Its just the formula that original Murry's pomade used to be

For those of you who know Murray's and are not sure if you want to go "X-tra Heavy" I thought i'd give it a go and realised that all X-tra heavy is, is the original formula which Murray's used to be but at a higher price! I have my photos to prove it! I still had an old empty tin because i like to collect and i use to pride on the fact that all they needed was 3 ingredients to make it raw and strong with and no other fluffy crap. So if you have used for years, then x-tra is what it was always.

For those who have never used Murry's well my aunt gave me my first tin back in grade 6 in 1988 and although i do use other pomades, i keep coming back to it. Its what introduced me to pomades and my mum hated it as it wouldn't wash out of my hair and the towels were covered in it. I dunno, maybe its the smell that i love which gives teenage reminiscence but it does have great holding power too! Give it a go if you want something that rips your hair out has you apply and comb through; but don't expect it to wash out.

David Hurley
Love it

I have curly wavy hair and this product provides excellent hold and is long lasting