Pomps Not Dead Fuel For The Hare Game

A gasoline scented firm hold oil based pomade for the hare game.

Hot Water can’t cool this Music down.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: fragrance oil, castor oil, beeswax, microcrystalline wax, petrolatum

Customer Reviews

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A True Greaser!

Pomps Not Dead - Fuel For The Hare Game in one word? Wow! A firm hold oil based pomade that truly smells like walking into my friends dad's mechanical workshop! The Gasoline (Petrol to my Aussie mates!) took me straight there, in my rolled up blue denim jeans, dirty Chuck Taylors, tight white t-shirt with a soft packet of Marlboro Reds tucked into my sleeve and my leather jacket draped over my shoulder! That's if I was 15 kilos lighter (33 pounds to my American mates!), smoked and looked like Danny Zuko!
It's easy to scoop with the back of the thumb nail and work through the hands to really warm it up, again that fantastic scent revvs into life like a high fuel mix Chevy warming up! Work it right through (3x scoops worked in one at a time), get it in there and don't be shy about it as the rewards are well worth it. What rewards you say? The height, the hold, the easy restyle if needed and did I mention that Gasoline scent!

Pomps Not Dead have won the drag race with Fuel For The Hare Game, it's so good that you may have to check the NHRA rule book to see if this stuff is legal. It's performance enhancing, it's fast, it's slick and gives you an unfair advantage over other Greasers! Stay Guapo!

Want to know where to get it? Try The Pomade Shop, it's where I go to get my gear and their range and service is fantastic! Hence why I am happy to plug them when I buy something new!
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