Reuzel Astringent Foam 200ml

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You’ve just run a razor over your face. Maybe you owe it a little something extra? Reuzel Astringent Foam is non-drying and oil-free, so it’ll give your skin the firm, smooth look you’re after without removing essential moisture. 

Closes Pores & Refreshes Skin

  • Witch hazel soothes tender skin post-shave
  • Combines our T4 Tonic Blend with aloe vera
  • Conditions pores to keep you clear and balanced

200ml of Hollands Finest

Customer Reviews

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Reuzel - A brand my barber put me onto as he was a bit of an advocate for the stuff. Reuzel is actually Dutch for 'lard' or pig fat, if you've ever tried their wonderful pomades, you'll know why - the consistency is like nothing else on the market.
Any way, to the product at hand; Reuzel are doing really cool things for the grooming world - This product I bought on a whim when I was grabbing a bottle of the Reuzel shampoo, At first I wasn't quite sure how to use it in my morning routine but then figured out an apt application for it and thought I'd share my experience: After a long day at the office - coming home and washing my face with water, I then pat dry and squeeze a healthy amount of this foam onto my hands and rub into your beard/stubble/cheeks - It's a bloody great way to refresh yourself in the arvo, or before you head out and don't have time to wash your face. I find it works great as a pre-clean before applying moisturiser or after-shave - the scent is fresh strong at first but it dies down within the hour to a soft peppermint hue (much like their shampoo).

A great addition to the grooming kit and fills a hole in your routine that you may not have known existed.