Root & Muddle Solid Cologne - Tabac Noir

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Tabac Noir is a concentrated solid cologne formulated with robust notes of tobacco, amber, and patchouli, contrasted with smooth and subtle clove and cherry. Tabac Noir is the perfect scent for the perfect gentleman.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Therapeutic Grade & Ayurvedic Essentials Oils.

3/4 oz. (21 grams)

*All our products are made with natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced.  

Customer Reviews

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it had to grow on me.

It reminds me off, and by any means I am being rude, back in school in the 80s, when after school the cleaning lady wiped and mopped the floor. The smell is similar to a school floor.

It is very sweet with an very pleasant undernote, which I can't describe t this stage.

However, just applied a small but to both my wrists at firstz to see how it breaks down. And it doesn't disappoint. After an hour it starts to break down to more softer notes and not the 'biteful' notes when first applied.

If your are up for some sweetish fragrances and are open minded, this is for you definitely.
I'm more the Tom Ford, Creed section, so this was a challenge I had to accept. I am actually impressed about the wax based colognes. Absolutely underestimated. I will keep trying , but as of for this one, go for it. ;)

Fantastic product

This would cologne is fantastic smell last all day very subtle tobacco notes and decent vanilla smell highly recommend