STAG SUPPLY BLACK Activated Charcoal Beard Wash 250ml

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After year’s of research, Stag Supply discovered that men do in fact have beards, and doing manly things mean getting those beards filthy and dirty.

It might seem counter-intuitive to lather up with this black beard cleanser but rest assured nothing but good can come from this bottle of blackened wash.

It may be determined to momentarily blacken up your shower floor, but your filthy beard will be in for the cleansing of a lifetime.

Experience the power of activated charcoal as it adsorbs a wide range of impurities, dirt, and toxins and flushes them from your beard.

A beard cleanser to stand up to the manly requirements that are asked of it. In fact, the activated charcoal beard wash is so effective we recommend using it as a once a week cleanse unless your an absolute beast of a man, wrestling crocodiles on the daily you may want to use it twice.

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Great product

Great product i use it in my beard and hair twice a week
Product is very thin and watery i find i loose a bit through my fingers on the floor of the shower
Over all does a great job of cleaning my dirty beard