Suavecito Black Resin Shave Brush

It’s time for your face to be treated to the best. Suavecito's Black Resin Shave Brush is made to give you an experience that will leave you smiling.

The premium badger hair works great at whipping up an incredibly rich lather and feels great on the skin. It is soft so as not to be a pain when using but firm enough to work your shaving cream into your beard effectively. Give yourself a super comfortable shave because you deserve it.

Directions: Whip up your favourite shaving cream into a smooth rich lather. Apply to face in circular motion. Shave. Rinse brush with water and drip dry upside down.

  • High quality badger hair
  • Ensures a smooth and comfortable shave every time
  • Resin handle is made to withstand the toughest shaves
  • Only from Suavecito Premium Blends
  • 20 mm