Suavecito Pomade - Original Water Based Pomade DARK WOODS

Inspired by old woodcut prints and the beauty of the forest, Suavecito presents our Dark Woods Pomade. The dark, musky scent will transport you to a mist-filled forest with leaves covering the ground.

The limited edition packaging features a deep red jar and hand-drawn illustrations of some of the fragrance notes you’ll find in this new scent.

This exclusive Original Hold Dark Woods Pomade is still the original formula you know and love. This pomade will work the same as your other Original Hold Suavecito Pomade, providing you with a medium, all-day hold that washes out with water.

Directions: Start with a small amount and apply to dry or slightly damp hair for best results. Work through hair evenly and comb to desired style. To remove, rinse out pomade with water.

Fragrance Profile: Citrus notes of bergamot and orange will hit first as you make your way down the leaf-covered path toward earthy amber and dark musk. Continue your journey through the dark woods to find base notes of frankincense and myrrh and bask in this twist on a traditional scent.

  • Medium hold, medium shine
  • Limited edition scent
  • Water soluble
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Now this! This smells great

Once again Suavacito bring out an incredible smelling pomade. Definitely on par with their Jimmy Cupcakes collaborations, this scent is evocative and enticing. Even better, the pomade has not been compromised at all. Big recommend