The Holy Black SR-71 SLANT Safety Razor

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The pinnacle of wetshaving performance, the SR-71 is great for new wetshavers and experienced alike as it is a perfect mix between mild and effective.

A solid Stainless steel handle adds the needed weight to let the razor do the work as you slice through your stubble effortlessly. Only available in a flat black finish, just the way we like it.

This is a 3 piece razor. 139.1 grams makes for one of the heaviest razors on the market.

Customer Reviews

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Cool doesn't necessarily mean great

This is a cool-looking razor with great packaging. It certainly is heavy and the black finish is a nice look. I wouldn't call it a top drawer razor though. It's not the seriously aggressive razor The Holy Black advertises, try an open comb or adjustable set high for that. Its biggest flaw is the height of the top cap which looks great but makes shaving under the nose difficult. It's also not for those who prefer a longer handle. I've seen complaints about the longevity of the black finish on version one. I'm not seeing a problem yet. Is this worth the money? If you like the aesthetics it is worth adding to your collection, but you can get better for the money. If it is a slant you are after, try a Merkur 37c (short handle) or 39c (long handle), a RazoRock German 37 or even the Parker 55SL-SC Semi-slant.

Hell of a razor

Has some weight to it, will last a lifetime and is very sleek looking!!