The Best Ball Trimmer: Mens Groin And Body Hair Grooming At Its Finest.

No man wants their sack out of whack, that's why we offer a solution you can trust without the fuss!

The Nutbag groomer is the ultimate trimmer which has been carefully designed for your balls, butt, and body! Featuring SkinCare™ Technology you can now forget all the pain and shave downstairs with confidence.

You will never nick your nuts again with our high tech, no fuss body hair groomers and trimmers. Experience next level body hair grooming. Pants down, the best shavers, trimmers and groomers for men.

SkinCare Technology

Advanced SkinCare™ Technology designed to shave sensitive areas without causing any pain.

Precision Engineered Blades

Ceramic engineered blades with micro cutting teeth for a precise trim.

100% Waterproof

A fully waterproof ergonomic design so you can get to work in the shower.

Quiet-Motion Technology

Minimal vibration and operating noise so you no longer have to worry about interruptions.

6,000 RPM Motor

6,000 cutting strokes per minute makes easy work of the thickest bushes.

Whats Included.

1x The Nutbag Groomer
1x SkinCare™ Blade
1x Travel Bag
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Cleaning Brush
2x Guide Combs (3-4mm, 5-6mm)
1x Instruction Booklet

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