Small Batch Grooming Products - Handmade in Australia

Low/Natural Shine - Medium/Firm Hold - Matte Clay

Scent - Smokey Tobacco & Vanilla

The water soluble & Australian Kaolin Clay formula gives an easy scoop and smooth application, with a matte/natural shine and medium to firm hold .

Matte Clay will thicken hair and absorb oil while creating texture giving an effortless finish and look.

Will wash out easily with water.

Scent is timeless blend of tobacco and vanilla.

Ideal for modern styles, low pomps, fades & textured looks etc

100g of goodness in our black glass jar. 

Made in Collaboration with one of our favourite brewers behind brands such as Kinsfolk Grooming & Trents.



Aqua - Australian Kaolin Clay - Petrolatum - Bees Wax - Microcrystaline Wax - Helianthus Annus (sunflower) seed oil - Cetearyl Alcohol - Shear Butter - Ceteareth 20 - Polusorbate 20 - Phenoxyethanol - Fragrance

Customer Reviews

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solid product and great at this price point

This product provides really good texture and good hold, and is a great option at the price point.
On first opening the jar, the scent reminds me of coffee, and I don't mind it but my wife didn't like it. The scent is kind of strong and lingers so if you like it thats a plus, but otherwise ... This stuff scoops out, breaksdown and goes into the hair super easy with no tug and pull.
Straight away you get enough hold to style will and can see the gritty texture coming out and plenty of volume. Slickness is only average but you wouldn't expect great slickness in a clay. There is a little shine but nothing dramatic, again great for a clay. Endurance is ok I would say ... its still there at days end and it has a nice springy and natural feel to it, but if you want a super tight style that lasts forever this might not be enough because it does feel like a lot of the hold is gone. That makes it easy to restyle with hands of comb though. It washes out really easily with just water.
This might not be the best clay out there, but it is right up there and its sits in a really strong place on the cost quality curve, definetely worth a try and I'd be happy to use it again