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Third & Co. Texturizing Clay-The Pomade Shop

Third & Co. Texturizing Clay

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Third & Co.'s number one selling product!

This is a 4oz (113g) water based Texturizing Clay packed with healthy oils and beneficial clays. Bentonite and White Kaolin clay are often used in styling products and you might all ready be familiar with them, but we took it a step further and added in Glacial Clay. This is a super fine clay packed with beneficial oxides,cleansing properties,detoxifying properties, as well as being known to promote healthy skin, blood circulation and hydration. Yes its a powerhouse! This particular clay can actually only be found in a few deposits of the coast of Vancouver British Columbia Canada, so, like them its Canadian made.

Combined with the luxury clay, they still use all the same quality, healthy hair promoting oils as their other products so your hair feels healthy and nourished after washing instead of stripped of its nutrients.

This clay will offer you versatile styling options with a low to natural shine and medium/firm hold. Breaking down in the clay in your hands you will notice its thick and creamy texture. Applying to the hair you will find a slight resistance but nothing uncomfortable and styling is easy!

Pepper Cologne scent