February 18, 2020 1 min read

The Pomade Shop is really excited to see Blumaan expanding their pre stylers. As a fan of their Original Meraki and Cavalier Clay combo and I was really looking forward to the arrival and being able to try their styling cream.

Ascend is pretty creamy consistency and it’s  really easy to apply and distribute In your hair. The packaging is in keeping with their recent cloud control drop, with the recent addition  of Blumaan’s new security sticker feature to combat non genuine copies. 
Scent is minimal/none which is perfect for this pre styler


  • Lightweight formula.
  • Provides a volume boost.
  • Heat-activated.
  • Thickening effect.

Definitely got more volume but I do already have thick hair, I can see this being a great tool for those with thinner hair wanting volume, especially useful If you’ve struggled getting your hair to feel thicker with other products or pomades .
I didn’t go the full blow dry for this test but can see how that would dial things up even higher, I was happy with ascend on its own for a looser look but used with Cavalier Clay as a post styler this combo was solid.

Those of you already familiar with the Blumaan range of styling products will love this, those of you interested in dabbling with the concept of pre styling will see the immediate benefits of using a product like this in your grooming routine.

Blumaan Ascend

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