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Pomade is one of the most commonly used words to describe men’s hair styling products today.  Whether the word "pomade" is used correctly is a completely different story, but it seems to be the catch-all term to describe anything that’s not a gel or fibre. 

Pomades are primarily designed to showcase your hair in a slick, neat manner while providing a high shine finish.  Basically, pomades work extremely well for hairstyles that are formed using a comb.  

Pomades can be broken down into two major categories: 

1.Oil-based & wax based (the more traditional version)  

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2 Water-based (the more popular option)

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Oil-based pomades are basically grease or petrolatum, In the 1950s, the term “greaser” appeared to describe the greased-back hairstyles that use this type of product.  Their ingredients are water insoluble which makes them difficult to wash out in the shower , ie: a shampoo or two. Oil Based can be restyled easily without having to reactivate with water, the petroleum and grease will give your hair shine and infinite moldability, they also get an awesome build up and get better each day of use.

oil based pomade

Water-based pomades on the other hand are a little more user-friendly.  They are designed to allow you to achieve similar looks and holds to oil-based pomades, but they wash out easily with water.  Most water-based pomades don't hold as firmly as the oil based type, but they maintain flexibility and can be restyled throughout the day.  A little bit of water to reactivate and you can restyle. To add a little confusion, there are also water based pomades as Orthodox & Unorthodox.

water based pomades

Orthodox Water Based Pomade is basically a water based Gel type product, giving you easy styling and the wash out ability of a hair gel (wash out in one shower) like Layrite , Suavecito 

Unorthodox Pomade , while technically they are water based because they use water as their main ingredient & although they wash out easier than traditional oil based pomades, they are not water soluble like orthodox Water Based. Check out Shear Revival Crystal Lake, O'Douds Multi Purpose, Anchors OriginalFlagship Blackship


Hair Clay, also known as Clays in the hair industry, is a hair product that has very similar characteristics to hair wax. Clay also makes the hair soft. It also disentangles the hair. Clay has a little to no shine, meaning a stylist can achieve a very natural and dull look.

Clay hair products are a relatively new classification for men’s styling products and these products can range from very thick to very creamy consistency.  The one thing in common with all clay hair products is the fact that they actually contain a clay ingredient in their formulations.  The most commonly used clay is bentonite, which is completely natural and usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash.    It’s incredibly fine and powdery making it almost “velvety” to the touch, and can swell as much as 6 x when contacting water.  

Clay makes your hair feel “fatter” by adding body, thickness and structure to the individual hair strands, and ultimately gives your hair structure and stability throughout the day.  Hair clays are ideal for hairstyles that require tons of volume without having to worry about the styling product weighing down your hair.

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hair clay


For guys with straight or wavy hair, wax is the perfect product to use on a daily basis. It makes hair look effortlessly styled with a medium hold and the lowest shine of all hair products.

Another benefit comes from the heaps of texture it adds to all types of hair. It’s good for a “messy look” that actually doesn’t look messy at all.

Though it comes in many variations, most are made with different waxes like beeswax. They’re also water soluble and will easily wash out of your hair. 

 So what hair products are waxes similar to?   Waxes are most comparable to pomades, but typically have a lighter hold.  They typically have the medium to high shine, but they lack in the overall hold. 


Cream can essentially be called “hair lotion” because that’s exactly what it’s used for.  They have a lotion-type consistency (versus the solid, pasty-type consistency of pomades and pastes) and they work great for moisturising your hair in an effort to control and maintain frizzy hair.  Hair creams offer a light, softer hold compared to any other hair styling products, and they are recommended primarily as a pre-styling product as they add substance, shine and separation to the hair.  So if you’re looking to tame unruly hair and control the frizz on curly haired guys, then adding a cream to your styling regime would be recommended. 

In recent years we have also seen the introduction of medium and firm hold creams, these are easy to scoop like cream, and easy application in the hair while also providing a generous hold throughout the day.


We get asked a lot, which do i use, why do i use them?

Beard oils are designed and blended to replenish the natural oils of the skin underneath your beard, basically it's for the health of your skin while also keeping the beard hair healthy 

Beard balm typically contains beeswax or wax substitute and really helps create shape and style to the beard,

To create a healthy stylish beard you need a beard oil & a beard balm

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beard oil and beard balm