May 05, 2020 1 min read

The New Tribute Pomade by Dauntless Grooming  has just dropped here in Australia, we are lucky enough to also have it available in a Limited Edition Scent, Strawberry & Mango.

A little about TRIBUTE by Mike Smith of Dauntless Grooming

"This pomade is a Tribute to my little brother-Tyler Smith, who passed in September 2012. This is my gift to him, released on 3.14.14 his birthday. its also a tribute to my process as a brewer making the dauntless lineup. It features a formula similar to the first formula I was ever able to create when learning to make product. This pomade is specifically designed to be a work horse, all day holding, style factory. its focus was on hold, endurance, and styling but it still doesn't skip features like application, and washout. It also features a new custom cologne scent made specially for this product by White Label Grooming"

As a product tester and reviewer it's safe to say Mike knows what works and what doesn't work when it comes to grooming products, the Dauntless range reflects that experience and knowledge. We highly recommend you give Dauntless a go, it's certainly been one of the most popular ranges of the year and lives up to the hype

dauntless grooming tribute

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