March 21, 2022 1 min read

Grooming packs are a great idea for a few reasons,

Not sure what brands? products? type of products? water based vs unorthodox water based? what will suit my hair?

All these questions are asked every day by our customers, the idea behind our grooming boxes and bundles are to give an economical way to explore new products and zone in on the best one for your hair and style.

We understand it's a minefield out there, so many products and so many brands, how do you decide on the best pomade, paste, gel or clay for your hair? What we aim to do is select proven quality products, brewed from quality ingredients, aimed to your style, in a value pack delivered to your door fast.

They make a great gift and perfect for the hard to buy man in your life.

We always pack quality items, great value and even a few surprises into out boxes we guarantee you'll get value.

If you need advice on what pack might suits you, reach out.

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