March 17, 2019 2 min read

Shear Revival have tweaked one of their most popular and staple products, Crystal Lake BUT BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT... read below a message from the team.
So check it out, rather than a reformulation as such it's more of a tweak and improvement and one that fans of crystal lake like me are going to love.
We promise things haven't changed all that much! This is still the same Crystal Lake you know & love! Just with some added bonuses...
  1. a new 100% all natural scent with therapeutic grade essential oils.
  2. an easier application for wavy & curly hair.
  3. an upgrade for your hair & scalp.

1. We've spruced things up a bit in the scent department!
If you've been following us on social media you've seen the change coming. We've been moving towards all natural fragrances for a while now. It's just been the next logical step for us. We've always been dedicated to your hair's health. Why not use something that provides health benefits, promotes hair growth, and also smells amazing? Going forward, Crystal Lake will have top notes of blood orange & lavender (the same notes you've come to adore from the previous fragrance) but now with the added freshness of tea tree and sharpness of bergamot. If you picked up our "Friday The 13th" variant last April, you're already very familiar with the new scent.

WELL GOOD NEWS, we've been listening and we've found the happiest formula for all! Crystal Lake still has a creamy scoop and smooth application but with enough wax to help you lay the ground work and achieve the style you're looking for, meaning this will work better for all of you with wavy & curly hair. We've taken everything we've learned over the last 6 years and really put it into this lightly and gracefully updated formula. Our testers 100% agree. 
IT STILL HAS A MEDIUM HOLD, as well as the variable finish you've grown to love:
Apply to damp hair: more shine/natural finish. 
Apply to towel dried/dry hair: low shine/neutral finish
3. From water to aloe and beyond...
All of our "water based" products are actually made with aloe leaf juice as the main ingredient, and have been, for some time now. We just absolutely love what aloe does for the hair, scalp, & body and just thought it was about time the name & label reflected that. This was the biggest cause for the name change.
All in all, we just wanted to make everyone aware and not be shocked when they received their next jar.
Thank you so much for making the last 4 years with the Crystal Lake so amazing, here's to so many more. 

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