April 14, 2019 2 min read

Suavecito has been a market leader in men's grooming for a while now, especially when it comes to their hair styling products and pomades, a really cool feature from those guys are their collaborations and limited edition seasonal pomades.

These collaborations are always popular and generally sell out quickly, you always get Suavecito's easy to apply, original or firme setting water based pomades with their easy to wash out gel type product, the biggest variation is the scent and packaging.

A couple of cool ones just arrived. Suavectio's collaboration with Felix the Cat celebrating Felix's 100th anniversary.

Basically it's the original and firme hold with Suavectio's famed original scent, the packaging as always is very cool and this one is no exception. If your a Felix fan or just like collection their limiteds, this ones for you. Shame there wasn't a scent variation on this but you can't beat that OG scent so i'm ok with it.

Next up is Suavectio's seasonal for Spring 2019. (Autumn in Australia)

Always excellent imagery on these seasonal pomades and we love seeing what they come up with, as we await the next one.

So spring 2019 scent profile is..

Cedarwood and Moss lend an earthy base to this fragrance, which is topped off with bright citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin and subtle florals like jasmine and juniper for that fresh spring aroma.

So what does it actually smell like, well it smells exactly like spring! a walk through a beautiful park, everything's in bloom or for that matter walking into a florist. Super fresh, earthy and flowery.

I know we get these fragrances out of wack here in Australia but they are still really fun, if your a water based fan, suavectio fan or like your scents smelling like a fresh spring forest, get yourself a tub.

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