June 03, 2019 2 min read

lockharts phantasm

Just popped up on Australian shores is the Lockhart's X ModernmanTV x White Label Collaboration - Phantasm Sculpting Cream!

What a massive effort from all involved in one of the bigger collaborations i've heard of, this is a permanent release also not a limited edition.

Firstly, the packaging. If you've got any of the Lockhart's limited's like Nevermore Pomade you know what your in for, It's beautiful. Killer design with loads of little details you don't expect from a pomade jar. The red reflective metallic print pops in the light and they simply nailed it.

Scent : Not overly blown away on first go, but sometimes thats a good thing.

Fresh cologne scent, with hints of vanilla/tonka bean/leather/tobacco

I find these scents are sometimes initially underwhelming, but overtime end up being the scents i actually prefer and enjoy the most as they hit you throughout the day.

Scoop : This thing scoops easy, they even warn you that the product easily shifts in the jar, not as free flowing like some creams as their is a bit if tack there.

you well that tack when you apply, if you have used Lockhart's Anti gravity you know what i mean when i recommend a small amount, you don't need much at all and Phantasm is no different.

Use: This one does it all, textured styles, short styles, even slicker clean look.

Shine is low/natural and this felt correct.

Heaps of control with an instant feeling of this product locking your hair into style. Perfect for textured comb or finger comb styles

Phantasm held firm all day, super happy with its longevity and didn't feel dry at any point or feel like it was coming apart. Able to restyle throughout the day.

What's the washout like? it's certainly not any easy water washout like your run of the mill gels, your going to have to use a shampoo round or two. But it's totally worth it so don't let that scare you off and anyone used to using unorthodox water based pomades or oil based pomades will find it just the same.

Verdict - I love it, recommend it and will be regularly using it. Really versatile and would be great in any pomade users cabinet for a variety of style options 4.5/5

- Dave

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