November 21, 2019 1 min read

There's plenty of brands that have flooding the men's grooming market the last few years, we pride ourselves of testing as many as we can and only stocking the best, two at the top of that list are Shear Revival & Lockhart's, and they just had a pomade baby!

The latest of Lockhart's Tarot series see's them hook up with NJ finest Shear Revival with a firm hold, high texture water based cream, and she's a beauty.

It's super versatile product that will cater to most styles, scent is surprisingly understated but I don't mind that either, this one KILLS!

I got a nice medium to firm hold, great texture and I'd say low to medium shine from an easy scoop. different from anything in the Shear Revival/ Lockhart's lines, it wouldn't surprise me if something similar pops up in Shear Revivals main roster.

Limited stock on this of course, highly recommended.

Enjoy your week, lads, look sharp.

shear revival lockharts tarot

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