Yep, Ball wax. Created by the Dick Johnson crew in Finland.

Very useful and makes a great gift for your friends ;)

The all natural product is made from the Vitellaria tree and leaves the scrotum area silky smooth after application. It's meant for t#sticles and promises a swift fix for sweating, itchy and bad smelling t#sticles. The product is also suitable for use after shaving the testicle area to reduce irritation.

  • No more sweating, itchy or bad smelling t#sticles.
  • Made in Finland!
  • Vegan!
  • All Natural!
  • Size: 50 ml 
  • Ball wax reduces itching and flaking and strengthens the skin
  • Great after shave after shaving the intimate area
  • So good for your balls

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
No more chafing!

I got a sample of this and left it in the cupboard for a while. Then out of curiosity, I gave it a go. I'm a convert! No more chafing. I use it daily.


I have to say, that I'm actually very surprised. I had the chance to test it in warm conditions. It keeps your 'Hangers' dry all day, skin still breathes and it's not blocked by any substance.

It's frageanceless, a little goes a long way, so you don't need much.

I did NOT experience any type of uncomfortness, skin itch or rushes. Best used during warmer conditions. No need to put it on in cooler conditions.

I definitely, will get it again.

Yusuf G.
Waxy Balls.

It is what it says it is, ball wax. Stays on all day and helps with friction by leaving a nice slick coating on your private area.. It's a wet wax so it won't keep the area dry. Good quality material.

Adam Hunter
Great name, even greater balls

Like a woman with a leopard print mini skirt winking at you at the end of the bar, this stuff was made to get your tackle ready for a night of pure passion. Well done Dick, you’ve out done yourself. And the lovely lady at the Fife and Dime also sends her regards.

Daniel P.
A new daily use product.

Does what it says. Stops itching, I apply twice a day after showering. Not oily or uncomfortable in any way. Now a bathroom staple.