King Brown Paste Pomade

    A water based formula, King Brown PASTE pomade offers a strong hold for those who want to set their hairstyle and forget. 

    Heat and humidity resistant formula to keep your style sharp under harsh conditions.

    • HOLD:Strong
    • SHEEN:Neutral
    • SCENT: Custom Bay Rum scent
    • SIZE:2.5oz / 71g
    • HAIR TYPES: Suitable for all hair types short to medium in length
    • BEST SUITS: Classic style cuts, contours, side part, pomps, slick backs and textured styles 
    • WATER BASED: Rinses clean with just water
    Dries rigid, can be restyled with water source and comb if required.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Great Product

    I'm wasn't a fan on pomades, but this pomade made me jump the bandwagon! Being both a paste and a pomade, it's versatile. I've used it with slick back looks and messy, dishevelled quiff looks. The smell is awesome and I go back to it every now and again. And the humidity fact is just phenomenonal!

    can't see myself using anything else for a while

    My barber introduced me to this. It smells great, sets nicely and even gives me a silver fox look. A little bit of the product goes a long, long way so I don't go through a lot of it. Goes nicely with the King Brown Grooming Spray which my barber also got me on to.


    This is a very interesting product, great concept (matte finish like a clay, but sets like an orthodox water-based), but falls down a little on execution.
    In the tin its extremely soft, scoops out easy, breaks down super easy in the hair.
    Application is easy in damp hair, but in dry hair there is some tug and pull and it can be difficult to get it all off the hands.
    Styling in the hair can be difficult - if damp, it doesn't have much strength to style with, if dry it can pull a lot and even be brushed out in little granules whilst being styled.
    Afterwards it sets quite firm and does hold the style you have put in for most of the day, you can restyle with a little water.
    This would be very good for people going for an unstructured, textured style that they would want to set and forget for all day.

    Spencer King

    Good stuff 👍