Layrite Original Pomade 120g

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Layrite Original Pomade is a very versatile Hair Product that provides excellent all-day hold for short, long, fine or thick hair and be used to create slicked back or messy styles with a medium natural shine.

You'll find you can achieve most looks with this product, and a very easy wash out.

This traditional pomade has a mild vanilla fragrance and distributes easily through hair for styling with your hands or a comb.

The superior hold and medium shine are ideal for messy wet looks including textured crew cuts, fades and spikes, or classic styles including slick-backs, side parts, and low pomp’s.

Dries light to keep your hair in place all day, and never flakes.

The water soluble pomade rinses out easily and can be restyled throughout the day using water.

Made in the USA by Layrite.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Reliable & Worthy

This is a great reliable product. It’s all I used for many years, now dabble in some other products now & then but often go back to Layrite Original. It’s a big thumbs up from me!

This gunk is da Bomb!

Everything about this beautiful little pomade is gonna set your personal grooming world alight. From its old school barbershop tin design through to the sweetly scented orange jelly like gunk inside, needless to say, it's always a pleasure to do business with. As for the effect - it's sleek, shiny and firm. It'll have you rocking a Gordon Gekko look so authentic, you'll be telling all your pals that lunch is for wimps.

Scotty Trav
never go back!

I have used Layrite for years now. I will never use anything else, firm hold but adjustable throughout the day.

Great for everyday use

I love this pomade for everyday use, it smells great give your plenty of time to style before it sets, combs though beautifully and holds all day! Perfect for those long days and work!

Joel Elsbury

Very good in curly hair. Nice and light, easy to readjust and smells nice.