MARVIS Concentrated Spearmint Mouthwash 120ml

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A powerful mouthwash that cleanses and freshens the entire mouth, complete with a spearmint flavour. The concentrate formula makes 480ml of mouthwash.


  • Strong spearmint flavour
  • Cleanses and freshens the entire mouth
  • Included fluoride protects enamel
  • Leaves a cool, tingling sensation
  • Concentrate formula makes 480ml of mouthwash
  • Made in Italy

*note - Mouthwash no longer comes in a packaged box 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
It does its job..

When I ordered, I didn't pay attention to ingredients. However, this mouthwash has Fluorides in it. It doesn't protect the teeth. Fluorides are poison.

However, I will use it off, bcos it is actually really good. It feels good after use in your mouth.

Personally I wouldn't recommend, bcos of mentioned ingredients, but if you don't care at all, I can recommend it, bcos it gives you a genuine clean mouth feeling.

(Btw, it says to use it after brushing teeth,.. not necessary) use it whenever you feel like it.