O'Douds Multi Purpose Water Resistant Pomade

Revolutionary in its vision, this water-resistant yet easy to use pomade is what put O'Douds on the map.

Built to be restylable no matter what you throw at it, it's perfect for heat, humidity, or working out. Think of this as the multi-tool of pomades. Use one scoop for a loose look, two scoops for a more refined look, and three scoops to slick it all back.

Hold: Firm
Finish: Medium/High
Scent: Cedar Citrus
Size: 4 oz / 114g

- Rice Bran Wax: A strong and malleable wax that provides all-day hold, is an antioxidant, and conditions the skin and hair. 
- Grapeseed Oil: A lightweight oil that locks in moisture to prevent frizzy brittle hair without weighing it down or decreasing hold.
- Jojoba Oil: Rich and nourishing yet easily absorbed, Jojoba oil is more similar to the skins natural oil than nearly any other oil. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Montgomery
A must have!

Excellent hold and excellent scent. Easy to apply and washes out with little difficulty but gives the option to leave in a little build up. I highly recommend this to anyone who has never tried it.

Your daily product

Long lasting medium hold without the tack. Won't tug on your hair if you run your hands through your hair. Fairly easy to wash off, but requires shampoo every second day to avoid build up.

Jan Cruz

I like the scent and hold but the fact that it's quite a challenge to wash out makes it not the product for me.

Robert Vucak
Strong but light.

I've only started to experiment with pomades for the last 2 months. Started with a known gel based, Layrite. It was great as an intro, but I wanted something that wouldn't harden and I could still comb or run my fimgers through during the day. After watching numerous reviews on YT, settled on O'Douds. This is the quintessential pomade, anyone interested in classic styles or slicked looks, your search stops here.

This pomade holds very well, while staying combable due to it being an unorthodox water based pomade. Washes out with one shampoo for me, but even 1 day build up doesn't feel to heavy or gross. I really can't even begin cover just how well it works in a review box like this, try it for yourself if you're in the market for something new and reliable, I'll definitely be purchasing this again.