Reuzel Red High Sheen Pomade 113g

Welcome to the world of medium hold and high shine.

Reuzel Red Pomade is one of the products that put Reuzel on the map. This water soluble pomade comes out of the can like butter. And it combs through the hair, bringing polish and class to any hairstyle.


  • Easy to rinse out at day’s end
  • Water soluble formula packed with shine
  • Never hardens or flakes
  • Subtle vanilla cola smell

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
a great orthodox wb pomade, but not quite as strong as the blue for thick course hair

Reuzel orthodox waterbases are the best orthodox wb pomades I've used, and the red is a great option.
It scoops out no problem with a strong scent, but not as pleasant as the blue to my nose.
break down and application are easy.
The product styles easiily - it is quite slick and sticky but doesn't tug and pull too much.
The shine is quite high at first and in my (fair) hair it darkens the hair quite a bit but the shine obviously dulls off as it dries out throughout the day.
it firms up but never ridiculously and it washes out easily.
the only issue i've ever had with it (apart from the fragrance) is with endurance - specifically on very hot, humid days it can 'melt' in my hair, but I'm in Brisbane so if you are in cooler or probably drier climes this is less likely to be an issue, and here it is fine apart from those hottest spring and summer months.
all in all its a very strong product, I have a marginal preference for the blue Reuzel but that will come down to personal taste most likely.

Pirata Mason
Great all rounder with great scent

This is an every day staple that i have in my rotation. Great scent, decent hold (maybe not as hearty as some other med/strong hold pomades), but always leaves the hair soft and conditioned after a wash or combout. Recommended to me, and im recommending it to you.