The Holy Black Aftershave Tonic

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Literally the best thing you've ever put on your face. 

  • May actually change your life forever
  • Alcohol based
  • Long Lasting

This is a crowd pleaser, this is where it all began. This is the first product they released. Splash it on, wait ten minutes and write us an email thanking us for how good you smell and how fresh you feel. 

An alcohol based aftershave splash is a great way to tone your skin and kill any bacteria lingering on your face. A subtle burn lets you know its doing it's job. The scent is lasting but not overpowering,as any good aftershave should be, but seldom is.


Gunpowder Spice

Their signature Gunpowder Spice fragrance is exactly what it sounds like, a mix between the classic spicy scent with the added aroma of freshly fired black powder. The smokiness of the black powder mixes well with the spices you remember from when your grandfather splashed it on.

8oz 236ml

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