The Holy Black Matte Clay Pomade


    SHINE: None
    TEXTURE: Medium to High
    CONSISTENCY: Easy to apply
    SCENT: Gunpowder Spice

    This water based Matte Clay Hair Pomade has excellent hold while still being able to look natural. Use to add texture, or to get that "I woke up like this" style. Restyle with a wet comb and wash out with regular shampoo. Comes in a 4oz amber jar. Lightly fragranced with our signature Gunpowder Spice scent.

    This is our Firm Hold/No Shine Matte Clay Formula


    Gunpowder Spice

    Gunpowder Spice is exactly what it sounds like, a mix between the classic spicy scent with the added aroma of freshly fired black powder. The smokiness of the black powder mixes well with the spices you remember from when your grandfather splashed it on

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Murray Radonich
    Old favourite

    Not the greatest Matte clay on the market but that fabulous scent masks any slight issues with the product seem insignificant. Another great gunpowder spice scented product.

    Linas Janulevicius
    Not so good

    In picture it's white cream color, but in reality it's gray. Quality is kind of poor because cream is not so matte. Good thing is a smell of product.

    Chris Pollard
    Solid clay, easily scoop-able - Can't do the scent

    Decided to give Holy Black's clay a crack after following their socials. First impressions were not how I'd imagined but it is slowly growing on me. The old school spice scent is quite overbearing in my opinion and not my cup of gunpowder but the matte hold is strong and suited to some social occasions. I wouldn't be using this on the daily but could definitely work for those prolonged styles in high heat. Note; wide tooth comb a necessity here.

    Steven Gacovski
    A Near To Spiritual Experience!

    The Holy Black New York - Matte Clay

    A near to spiritual experience is had with this Firm Hold Matte Clay from the house of The Holy Black of New York. Effortless to scoop out and work into your hands as if coming together, beckoned into prayer. Work through in small amounts to get the desired effect whether that be your inner slick & surly demon or that ethereal angel with those airy locks reaching for the heavens, either way everyone with be taken by your omnipotent presence! The smell is just as divine and sinister at the same time, like an eternal battle between a gentle talc covered cherub taking on a hell hound with gunpowder coursing through its veins with no clear winner in sight. You'll also wish that the cleansing of your sins was as easy as this stuff is out of hair and hands! There is no shine with this Firm Hold Matte Clay if applied to dry hair however you will get a subtle sheen with wet slicked hair and that for me is definitely a multi-purpose product for which ever mood takes me or for whichever voice speaks to me from either left or right shoulder first! Which ever direction you decide to take, know that you will definitely arrive in style!

    Big thanks to The Pomade Shop for taking the chance on the boutique & little companies that know how to push the boundaries in the world of pomade and other hair products! Time and time again you have been the one stop Pomade Shop for me!