The Holy Black SR-71 Guard Bar Safety Razor

Choose your Weapon.

The pinnacle of wetshaving performance, the SR-71 is great for new wetshavers and experienced alike as it is a perfect mix between mild and effective.

A solid Stainless steel handle adds the needed weight to let the razor do the work as you slice through your stubble effortlessly. Only available in a flat black finish, just the way we like it.

This is a 3 piece razor. 139.1 grams makes for one of the heaviest razors on the market.

Customer Reviews

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Heavy Metal

It has been several weeks since I purchased this item and thought it worth a review - I've transitioned from a straight razor to a safety mostly due to time constraints in my morning routine. This safety razor has quickly become the hi-light of my morning ritual, I feel the extra weight lends a greater degree of control and even pressure application when used properly. I've not a bad thing to say for the product, beautifully machined and designed and I find my results are generally better than what I had with my straight razor, not to mention not having to sharpen or strop before a shave. Absolute must for beginners to straight-razorin'!

Nigel Hunt
A Great Razor!

I like the size of this razor. It's small but has a nice thick weighty handle with great knurling. The stealth black makes it look beautiful, and the HB initials on the base are a nice touch.
It feels aggressive on the face but it gives a very smooth shave. I am a mild razor user and I am yet to cut myself in any shape or form with this razor. A 3 pass shave will make your face feel smooth like the skin of a new born baby.
If you are looking for a great razor then this is one that you need to have.

Benjamin Pinkney

Great size DE for those that like a weighty razor. Handle is perfect length and looks bloody brilliant 10/10 would recommend for those who are just starting or advanced users

Stuart Richards
Best Razor I've used

Highly recommend this if you like Weighty razors that give a masculine feel

Great Razor

Small and weighty which I found great you let the weight of the razor do all the work